AWS Cost Optimization Services

The right Cloud optimization partner can reduce your ongoing cloud operational cost without compromising on continuous security and compliance

What is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Recent report indicates 70% of cloud resources are wasted and with AWS pricing model, an organizations cloud billing can usually be greatly reduced in the right hands. Optimization can be done by analyzing your resource usage and assigning the right resources for a workload so that you are charged for what you use rather than what you ordered.

AWS Cost Optimization, the basics.

Contact our experts to get started on the below steps to see an immediate impact on your cloud billing.

Optimize Pricing Models

Choosing the right pricing models for your instances from Reserved instances, Spot Instances and Savings Plans. Plans

Optimize Capacities

Optimizing capacity with demand greatly reduce your cloud billing via identifying low utilization and rightsizing.

Optimize Idle Resources

Identifying and automating the handling of idle or low utilization resources helps you save on your monthly bill.

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How Xenyo Perform the Cloud Cost Assessment ?

Assess the current Cloud infrastructure for any existing or potential cost leaks.

Assess the existing cloud usage patterns to understand if they are optimally designed and utilized.

Perform cost assessments, report and suggestions based on our expertise, best practices and standards.

Recommend further in depth resource monitoring and automation to achieve further AWS cost reductions.

How to get started

You can enlist Xenyo to perform Cost Optimization as a standalone service or as part of our AWS Managed Services.

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